Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Scarborough Tees, we are dedicated to making a difference. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our operations. We strive to ensure that each step in our process, from material sourcing to final production, is carried out with the utmost respect for our environment and community.

Local Production

We ensure the proximity of our production facilities to our customers, significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with shipping and transportation. It not only assures faster delivery times for our customers but also drives down associated shipping costs.

Responsibly Sourced and Sustainable Materials

We prioritize using ethically and responsibly sourced materials for all our apparel products. You can rest assured that our products are crafted to comply with all international and national product safety regulations, with a keen focus on sustainable practices.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Our model reduces carbon footprint by emphasizing local production and shipping. We see an eye-catching potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions per order, contributing substantially to a more sustainable world.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Our focus on acting responsibly, reducing our environmental impact and positively affecting people shares synergy with multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This coherence allows us to contribute meaningfully to the global effort towards a more sustainable future.

At Scarborough Tees, we are committed to maintaining our roots in sustainability and ensuring that we continue to move towards more environmentally sound practices. We believe in leaving a lasting and positive impact on the world, one tee at a time.