Collection: The Toronto 6 Boroughs Collection

Embrace the spirit of Toronto with our exclusive "Toronto 6 Boroughs" Collection. Each piece in this unique collection beautifully showcases all six boroughs of Toronto, making them a perfect pick for city natives, newcomers, and fans alike.

As you browse our collection, you will encounter a range of premium clothing items, all crafted with comfort and style in mind. The collection features premium unisex pullover hoodies, crewneck sweaters, and classic unisex t-shirts, all adorned with the beloved Scarborough Tees design.

Every piece is constructed from materials synonymous with quality— ringspun pre-shrunk French terry for the hoodies and a perfect blend of cotton and polyester for the sweatshirts and T-shirts. Emphasis on durability is key in this line, featuring aspects like rolled-forward shoulders for a better fit and taped neck and shoulders for enhanced resilience. Elements such as stylish fitted sleeves, seamless double-needle collars and a tubular fit enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the collection.

This collection extends beyond great ready-to-wear items; it's a statement of love for Toronto. Explore the Toronto 6 Boroughs Collection today and join us in celebrating Toronto, a city of diverse cultures, dynamic neighbourhoods, and incredible people!