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Scarborough residents say proposed federal riding boundary changes reduces representation | CityNews Toronto

October 18, 2022: Proposed changes to federal ridings in Scarborough, Toronto, would see the restructuring of several boundaries, including eliminating one riding. Controversially, the northwestern part of Scarborough would be broken up, and its extended North and Valley Scarborough-Rouge Park would be extended east to the Pickering border. These changes are part of a 10-year review of federal electoral boundaries based on 2021 Census data.


They cut a slice off Scarborough and gave it to North York, but Scarborough is fighting back. Will it be enough? | Toronto Star

January 23, 2023: In the article, Leighanne Woodstock, a resident of shares her thoughts on the proposed changes to federal ridings in Scarborough. She believes that the changes would further divide the community and dilute their political power. Woodstock and other residents are fighting back against the redrawing of electoral boundaries, hoping to keep Scarborough united and strong. Despite facing challenges, they are determined to make their voices heard and protect their community's interests.


New federal riding redistribution plan restores 6th Scarborough riding after complaints | CityNews Toronto

February 10, 2023: The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario has released a revised report showing six ridings in Scarborough, which is the same number as the current ridings. The new plan incorporates Don Valley East (east of the Don River) into Scarborough–Agincourt and creates a new riding of Scarborough Centre–Don Valley East. Across Toronto, the overall number of members of parliament remains at 24, down from the current 25.


TTC says goodbye to Scarborough SRT after derailment hastened closure | CBC News

September 23, 2023: This CBC News article reports on the farewell party for Toronto Transit Commission's Scarborough Rapid Transit (SRT) line after 38 years of service. Reflecting on the SRT’s impact, the event included exploring parked trains, local artists, a silent auction of SRT artifacts for charity, and a wedding photo session. Amidst nostalgia, the article presents plans for a dedicated busway requiring provincial funding, stressing the ongoing need for efficient transit in Scarborough.


Saying goodbye to the Scarborough Rapid Transit Line | Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon | Live Radio | CBC Listen

September 25, 2023: Over the weekend, Toronto said goodbye to the Scarborough Rapid Transit line. Leighanne Woodstock has lived in Scarborough her whole life. She was at the goodbye party as a vendor with her clothing brand, Scarborough Tees. She shared her memories on the show.