About Us

About Scarborough Tees

At Scarborough Tees, we're not just creating apparel; we're weaving the fabric of our community into every piece of clothing we design. Our story is a patchwork of every individual, every street corner, and every story that makes Scarborough not just a place, but a feeling—one of belonging, pride, and warmth.

Our Brand Values

Authentic Expression

We embrace the diversity and vibrancy of Scarborough, presenting you a collection that's as unique and spirited as the community we represent. Our designs speak the language of the borough—bold, original, and unmistakably Scarborough.


Scarborough is our heart, and its people, our pulse. With every purchase, you're not just taking home a piece of Scarborough—you’re helping it thrive. A share of every sale goes back into local causes, directly contributing to the community that inspires us. This circle of giving and support fuels our mission to uplift and unite, keeping true to our roots.

Quality You Can Feel

Quality isn't just a standard; it's our signature. Each Scarborough Tee is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a product you'll love to wear and proudly show off. Our commitment to quality means you're getting apparel that lasts—just like the memories of Scarborough.

Sustainability at Heart

Our planet's health is as important as our community's. We're dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, embracing sustainable practices in production and packaging. Choosing Scarborough Tees means joining us on our journey to a greener, more sustainable future.

Inclusivity: A Kaleidoscope of Cultures

Scarborough is a mosaic, rich with different cultures, and we celebrate this diversity every day. Inclusivity is woven into the very threads of our brand, ensuring everyone finds a piece of themselves in our collections. Together, we're more than a community; we're a family.

Join Our Journey

Your support doesn't just wear well—it does good. As we continue to create, contribute, and celebrate our beloved borough, we invite you to be part of our story. With every tee, you're not just saying you're from Scarborough; you're showing it.

Scarborough Tees: Wear Your Pride. Support Your Community.