About Us

Welcome to Scarborough Tees -- We're the bold and vibrant clothing brand crafting made-to-order apparel inspired by Scarborough.

Our Specialty

We're all about statement shirts with typographic designs that re-imagine the Scarborough sub-culture. Our mission? To provide you with a platform to inspire and represent your true self through what you wear!

We believe in making comfortable clothing - but also something you can't wait to show off where you're from. Rock our clothes and feel comfy in any space, instantly letting your friends know where you got your shirts from!

Established in 2021.

Embrace the Scarborough Pride

Scarborough Tees is built on a passion and commitment to creating apparel for the awesome people of Scarborough to wear their community pride. Though our community has faced negative press, we know how amazing it truly is! With thriving culture, rich history, and much love, we want our clothes to shout the true spirit of Scarborough.

Meet the Owner

Scarborough native, customer service pro, and small business owner Leighanne brings more than 25 years of industry experience. Along with her passion for customer service and building strong communities, she's fully dedicated to providing high-quality products and engaging with you, the amazing community!

Let's celebrate Scarborough together. Wear our shirts, and embrace our pride and shared love for this incredible community.