Love, Scarborough 2.0: A Call for Support

As a proud Scarborough native and a devoted small business owner, speaking about our community always brings me pride. Today, however, we must spotlight an extraordinary cause that needs our unified efforts - The Love, Scarborough campaign.

Initiated by the SHN Foundation, this campaign is a concentrated endeavour to raise necessary funds for our Scarborough hospitals. Our hospitals' needs include expanding emergency departments, enhancing kidney and diabetes care, ensuring unrestricted access to mental health care, streamlining diagnostic imaging services, and promoting healthy equity via research and education.

We face a critical mission from January to March 2024 that will reflect the strength, determination, and resilience Scarborough is known for. We have reached this point through sheer grit but need your support to move forward.

In our quest to spread the word, we will use hashtags like #LoveScarborough, #MadeInScarborough, and #GritMakesGreatness on social media. We encourage you to join us - anybody can show their support by adding "Love Scarborough" or "SHN Foundation" stickers to their Instagram stories.

Let's not forget that Scarborough is home to 59% of new Canadians, making it one of Canada's most diverse living hubs. With 74% visible minorities, the campaign aims to ensure all community members receive access to exceptional, inclusive healthcare.

Offers of financial support are critical at this point; our hospitals are responsible for 100% of their medical equipment and 10% of capital infrastructure upgrades that government funding does not cover. Your generosity will serve to bridge the gap.

By donating at, we can collectively shape our beloved Scarborough's brighter and healthier future. After all, the #LoveScarborough movement is not just about elevating healthcare but about fostering strong community bonds and standing together. True to our roots, we have come a long way courtesy of our communal grit. Let us discover how far we can go, propelled by our love.

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