The Email That Transformed Scarborough Tees: A Tribute to Marg Middleton

On a brisk morning in January 2022, a seemingly ordinary email marked the start of a transformative journey for Scarborough Tees and me. This message, a simple request for a conversation, was from Marg Middleton, a name synonymous with community upliftment in Scarborough.

An Unexpected Catalyst

Marg Middleton, known for her instrumental role in community initiatives like the Scarborough Business Association and her monumental work with the Women of Philanthropy and the Scarborough Walk of Fame, was, at that time, to me, just a person with an idea. This idea quickly became a pivotal opportunity for Scarborough Tees, a then-nascent brand, to be showcased at the Scarborough Community Renewal Organization's (SCRO) "Our Scarborough" virtual event.

The Impact of Belief

The invitation to speak at "Our Scarborough" was not just a platform to introduce Scarborough Tees; it was an affirmation of the potential within us, as viewed through Marg's visionary lens. This event undeniably marked a significant milestone in our journey, positioning Scarborough Tees within the heart of its community.

Celebrating a Visionary

As Marg receives her well-deserved recognition on Scarborough's Walk of Fame, we stand in a moment of collective pride and reflection. Her induction is not merely a personal accolade but a beacon of her boundless contributions to the prosperity of Scarborough—a testament to her unwavering commitment to fostering community spirit.

A Token of Gratitude

Through this tribute, I extend my deepest gratitude to her. It was her belief in our potential and dedication to the community that have indelibly altered Scarborough Tees' trajectory. Your actions resonate as a testament to authentic leadership and selfless service. As we celebrate you, we are reminded of the profound impact one individual's faith can have on the dreams of another.

Inspiring Action

Marg Middleton's story is a clarion call to all — to embody the spirit of community and to believe in the power of collaboration. Let us draw inspiration from her journey and strive to make our indelible marks on the communities we serve.

Marg, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything. Your legacy is a guiding light for Scarborough Tees and for all who aspire to make a difference in the communities they cherish.

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