A Community Connected: A Shared Journey Rooted in Scarborough

As the proud owner of Scarborough Tees, I am thrilled to introduce "A Community Connected." This exclusive collection is a testament to collaboration, unity, and a commitment to our community and Black maternal health care. It is born from my partnership with RealOnes and Ancestral Hands Midwives—two organizations based in Scarborough, like ours.

Rooted in Scarborough: RealOnes

Behind RealOnes is Joe Harry—a man who brought his passion for community from Dominica to Scarborough when he migrated to Canada. Much like Scarborough—a vibrant, diverse blend of cultures—RealOnes supports bridging gaps in the global Black community.

Their stirring slogan, "A Community Connected," transcended from merely an inspirational catchphrase to a powerful call-to-action echo that inspired us at Scarborough Tees. Thus, "A Community Connected" as a collection came to life, a force uniting fashion with communal growth and support.

A Guiding Light in Malvern: Ancestral Hands Midwives

At the heart of Malvern resides Ancestral Hands Midwives—a beacon of hope for Black mothers, led by Althea Jones, herself a mom and registered midwife. Althea and her team's work to advance the cause of Black maternal health care is awe-inspiring.

Theirs is a tireless effort to improve accessibility, reduce racial disparities, and galvanize excellence in maternal care. Their work in the heart of our community is a constant reminder of the importance of our shared vision.

Scarborough's Vision: "A Community Connected"

When you choose a piece from the "A Community Connected" collection, know that it signifies much more than a stylish addition to your wardrobe: it contributes to a united cause.

Every garment from this collection symbolizes our shared journey, rooted in the heart of Scarborough— our collective contribution to emboldening and elevating our community.

Each purchase supports local, Scarborough-based businesses and enables positive change in Black maternal health care. So, together, let's celebrate and strengthen Scarborough's essence—the spirit of unity, resilience, and connection.

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