Collection: Scarborough Born & Raised

Honouring the spirit of Scarborough, the Scarboro Born & Raised Collection is a blend of style, comfort, and local pride. This collection offers a unique range of clothing products, from cozy sweatshirts to fitted t-shirts, displaying the "Scarboro Born & Raised" artwork.

Crafted for durability and comfort, each piece is made from quality materials like cotton and polyester. With our signature slim-fit design, you can express your local pride while maintaining a polished, modern look.

For sweatshirts and fitted tees: To ensure a proper fit, we recommend ordering one size up for a comfortable fit and two for a looser fit.

The Scarboro Born & Raised Collection is more than just clothing—it's a tribute to our Scarborough spirit. Show off your hometown pride in style with our collection – made for those from Scarborough since day one.